New Energy Vehicle Hongqi Hs5 2023 E-hs3 Car
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New Energy Vehicle Hongqi Hs5 2023 E-hs3 Car

Hongqi H5, FAW Hongqi's B-class luxury flagship car.
  • Hs5

  • Hongqi

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  The front face of the new Red Flag H5 uses the latest family mask of the Red Flag brand, the straight waterfall grille of the "mountain and water" style, and the red lines extending back from the middle net to the hood have a high recognition, and the visual effect is very atmospheric and exquisite. The headlight adopts the split layout, the whole system is equipped with the standard LED light source, the internal structure of the light group is very unique.


  The center console of the new Red Flag H5 uses an enveloping layout, the overall visual effect is very luxurious and smooth, and its configuration and materials are very generous. The LCD dashboard is embedded, and the high-fit model has a HUD head-up display function. 12.6-inch vertical screen is very eye-catching, equipped with intelligent network connection system, its intelligent OTA technology covers the whole car assisted driving, information entertainment, power, chassis, body comfort, interconnection six systems, can achieve more than 40 controllers in the future function increase and performance upgrade, but also with self-diagnosis, automatic upload, timely repair capabilities.

Listing time


Body type



pure electric 551 hp motor

The vehicle warranty

ight years or 150000 kilometers

Maximum horsepower of motor (PS)


Motor type

Permanent magnet synchronous

Total motor power (kW)


Drive mode

pure electric

Total torque of motor (N · m)


NEDC pure electric range (km)



Electric Vehicle Single Speed Transmission

Official power consumption per 100 km (kWh/100 km)


Body type

5 door 6 seat SUV

Battery type

Lithium ion battery



Front suspension type

Double wishbone independent suspension

Wheelbase (mm)


Rear suspension type

Multi link independent suspension

Maximum vehicle speed (km/h)


Low beam light source


NEDC pure electric range (km)


Transmission type

fixed gear ratio


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