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Byd Dolphin Electric Car

Byd Dolphin is the first model of the ocean car series, the first model using BYD's new LOGO, and the first model based on BYD's e platform 3.0.
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The appearance of the new BYD dolphin still maintains the lovely appearance of the dolphin, the closed grille design used in the front face, dotted around with chrome trim strips, the headlights on both sides are sharp, and the overall shape is like a real dolphin firmly watching you. Its headlights are blackened inside, equipped with LED headlights and LED point daytime running lights, it supports headlight height adjustment and headlight delay off and other functions.

The sides of the new dolphin are dainty and cute, and the front and rear doors are connected by two textured through-lines, adding a visual impact that says "I can be brave, too." The hidden handling of the doorknob is full of delicacy. The tires are matched with 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, and the design of the wheel is like a starfish lying on the sea, looking naive.

The rear of the new dolphin, using the through-through taillights, the interior is also blackened like the headlights, and the overall round and full, very lovely.


The interior of the new dolphin is also very careful, the interior color also has a choice, respectively are two kinds of milk tea brown and Pupu powder, milk tea brown interior will be with black as a splice, you can feel its calm low-key; Another kind of Pupu powder is full of girls, the whole car in addition to pink, there are purple gray and other as splicing, the whole reveals a sweet and lovely girl style. And in the car more places, soft materials are used to wrap, feel delicate.

The central control of the new dolphin is equipped with a 12.8-inch screen, which has a built-in intelligent networking system, which can do common functions such as GPS navigation, navigation road information, etc., and it also supports remote control of mobile phone software, which can do digital keys, vehicle monitoring and other functions. Its all-LCD dashboard is very small, just 5 inches in size, and it is paired with its steering wheel like a small game console.



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