Brand New 2023 2022 BYD Seal 550 650 700km Ev Electric Car
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Brand New 2023 2022 BYD Seal 550 650 700km Ev Electric Car

Byd Seal is BYD's pure electric vehicle, using BYD e platform 3.0, according to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, BYD Seal provides 61.44kWh and 82.56kWh two capacity battery pack options. The range of the CLTC is 550km, 650km and 700km.
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Byd Seal is a mid-size sedan, and the overall Tesla Modle3 is more inclined to handling and sports attributes. The size of this car is 4800mm long, 1875mm wide, 1460mm high, the wheelbase is 2920mm, and the overall body data exceeds that of the rival Tesla Modle3. Now for the appearance, the seal uses the latest "sea aesthetic" design concept, the overall appearance is more dynamic and sporty.

The interior layout of the vehicle is still similar to the current dynasty model, but if you look closely at the various positions, you will find different. The lines in the car seem to be waves, highlighting the theme of the ocean. The steering wheel of the vehicle comes from the tail fin of the seal, the grip is also very full, the fabric used is also very delicate, and the feel of holding is still great.
The instrument panel of the vehicle is a 10.25 inch full LCD display, imaging clear and delicate, using BYD's new UI design, or more with a sense of technology, the map can also be projected onto the instrument panel, and can also adjust the size.
The 15.6-inch screen in the middle should be very familiar to everyone, Tang and Han in the Dynasty series are also using this kind of large screen, which can rotate the border is very narrow, and the screen is still very functional.
The interior materials of the vehicle are also very basic, the "turning fur" is used in the center console part, and the soft materials are used in the place where you can often touch the car, which makes the car more rich in advanced sense.
The block area of the vehicle is also very design, BYD will be this area as the "heart of the ocean", this area surrounded by a variety of control keys, giving a sense of overall control.


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