BYD Qin Plus DM-i EV Fast Charge NEDC 400Km Sedan BYD Qin Plus Ev Electric Vehicle
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BYD Qin Plus DM-i EV Fast Charge NEDC 400Km Sedan BYD Qin Plus Ev Electric Vehicle

The Qin PLUS is a compact car owned by BYD. Equipped with a pure electric power system, equipped with a front permanent magnet/synchronous motor, the total power of the motor is 184 HP, the total torque of the motor is 280 N · m, matching the fixed gear ratio transmission. In terms of chassis, the front and rear suspension of the car uses the McPherson independent suspension and torsion beam suspension respectively, and adopts the front-front drive mode.
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  Byd Qin PLUS has attracted wide attention in the market with its avant-garde and dynamic design. The body lines are smooth and powerful, and the front face uses a bold air intake grille and sharp LED lighting group, which instantly attracts attention. Smooth body sides and dynamic eyebrows, coupled with stylish alloy wheels, show a strong sporty atmosphere. The tail shape is simple and atmospheric, equipped with exquisite LED taillights, highlighting the sense of quality and luxury. The exterior design of BYD Qin PLUS is not only fashion-forward, but also highlights its unique personality and charm.


  Byd Qin PLUS is equipped with an efficient power system to provide drivers with excellent power performance and excellent handling performance. The fuel models feature turbocharged technology that provides strong acceleration and efficient fuel economy. The plug-in hybrid model has a strong electric driving force and long driving range, providing a reliable guarantee for green travel. Qin PLUS is equipped with advanced suspension system and electronic power steering system, driving stability and sensitivity, for the driver to bring more accurate control feeling. Whether in congested urban conditions or on the highway, the Qin PLUS provides you with exceptional driving pleasure.


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