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Tesla Model 3 Electric Vehicle 2023 made in Shanghai

The Tesla Model 3 is a high-profile electric vehicle that has won widespread praise worldwide for its superior performance, stylish appearance, and advanced technology.
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type of energy

pure electric

body structure

4-door, 5-seat sedan

battery type

lithium iron phosphate battery




  Model 3 adopts a simple and atmospheric design language. The side lines of the vehicle are smooth, and the waist line is up and down, making the body more dynamic. 

  Unique shape of the front face, with closed grille and headlight drum design, increase the recognition.

model3 (5)


  In terms of interior, the Model 3 also continues its minimalist style. The upper and lower levels of the central control table is orderly, the circular steering wheel and the suspension of the central control screen show the high-tech sense.

   To streamline operations, the LCD dashboard has been eliminated, centralizing all information on the central control screen. 

  The overall interior is simple and lively.


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