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Nio electric car New Energy Car Nio Et5

ET5 is wei to the second paragraph of the pure electric cars, three high respectively is 4790 mm * 1960 mm * 1499 mm, wheelbase 2888 mm, low wind resistance coefficient to 0.24, with double motor design, zero to hundred kilometers speed of 4.3 seconds. Has three models, with a standard life battery pack (75 KWH) CLTC range over 550 kilometers, with a long life battery pack (100 KWH), more than 700 km range with super long life battery pack (150 KWH) range of more than 1000 kilometers. [5]Performance, wei to ET5 used before 150 kw, 210 kw motor configuration, after the maximum power of 360 kw, peak torque of 700 meters, hundred kilometers acceleration time for 4 seconds, 8 kinds of driving mode, the wind resistance coefficient of 0.24, 50 more than 50 than static load, five connecting rod suspension. Equipped with 75 degrees, 100 degrees and 150 degrees of three kinds of battery capacity, provide + 550 km, 700 km and 1000 km range.Whole series of automatic driving ability, wei to ET5 standard NAD a new generation of automatic driving system, the standard Aquila wei wei to esp system and ADAM to calculate platform. Whole vehicle, a total of 33 loading sensor with a laser radar, using the same as the wei to ET7 watchtowers type layout. Automated driving chip like ET7, using four nvidia DriveOrin chip, the whole force of 1016 tops.
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CLTC pure electric range (km)


Maximum power (kW)


Maximum torque (N·m)






body type

Four door five seat sedan

Maximum speed (km/h)


Energy type

Pure electric


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