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BYD Song Plus Flagship New Energy Cars Electric vehicle for sale

Song PLUS, BYD's new compact SUV, will be positioned between Song Pro and Tang in the future, and provide a variety of power versions for consumers to choose from.

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  • Why song sells well?

   First, the level of appearance is outstanding. As a new energy model, the appearance design of BYD Song PLUS is highly recognizable, highlighting the sense of modernization and technology. The curved line design of the front is matched with the chrome-plated intake grille with double banners. The body line is smooth, sharp through the taillight design is perfect with the body, highlighting the fashion forward atmosphere, which is also one of the reasons why many young people choose Song PLUS.

   Second, the driving experience is excellent. The Song PLUS is powered by BYD's fourth-generation DM (dual-mode) super engine, with output power of 100kW (136 HP) and 110kW (150 HP), and is equipped with 6AT and DM dual-mode systems to provide a more comfortable driving experience. Not only that, the Song PLUS intelligent configuration is also very powerful, such as ultrasonic parking, adaptive cruise, reverse imaging and so on.

  Third, the safety features are excellent. As a new energy model, Song PLUS is not sloppy in terms of safety performance. It is equipped with BYD DM Smart version of the L3 level ADAS driver assistance system, which includes ACC adaptive cruise, AEB emergency braking, LKA lane keeping and other functions.

   In addition to the panoramic image, the Song PLUS is equipped with a 360-degree panoramic image and emergency braking function. Such safety features are very important for drivers and passengers.

   Fourth, it is very practical. Even if it is a family, Song PLUS can also meet its daily car needs, it has a driving range of more than 500 kilometers, can meet the daily travel needs of many consumers. In addition, Song PLUS also provides practical functions such as flexible layout of dual seats and flat panel luggage compartment, providing users with a very convenient experience.

    In short, these reasons are enough to prove that BYD Song PLUS has a very good market performance, and perhaps why it can stand out in the fierce competition among car companies and become a favorite of consumers. With BYD's continuous investment in the new energy market, it is believed that more models beloved by consumers will be launched in the future, and let us look forward to new energy vehicles continuing to move forward.


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