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New Energy Vehicles VW ID.3 2023 New Design EV Car

Saic-volkswagen ID.3 is the third model based on Volkswagen MEB platform, with a wheelbase length of 2765mm and a layout of five seats
  • ID.3

  • VW

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type of energy

pure electric

body structure

5 door 5 seat 2-compartment vehicle

battery type

Ternary lithium battery



    Compared with many products of the same price, the design of SAIC Volkswagen ID3 does not pursue the so-called individuation too much, but leaves a deep impression on everyone with its cute and fierce shape and dynamic detail design. More importantly, such a design does not limit the SAIC Volkswagen ID3 to a certain shape. 

  To put it plainly, no matter men or women, young or old, who drives the SAIC Volkswagen ID3 will be very decent.



  The interior of the SAIC Volkswagen ID3 is a low-key design, but every detail is practical and easy to use.

   According to a simple example, when many car companies' products of the same price emphasize personalized control, SAIC Volkswagen ID3 actually adopts the most convenient gear shift design, daily driving does not have to lower the head to find gear, and this car does not completely avoid keys, some functions can be started with one button.


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