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2024 VW Automobiles Motor VW ID.5

Volkswagen ID.5 maximum power of 128kW and 150kW respectively, dual motor four-wheel drive version ID.5 GTX can output the maximum power of 220kW. In terms of range, the new cars are equipped with 77kWh battery packs. The ID.5 Pro and ID.5 Pro Performance have a range of 520km (WLTP), while the ID.5 GTX has a range of 480km.
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Equipped with dual motors at the front and rear and a unique hatchback taildoor design, the ID5 makes an amazing breakthrough in terms of appearance, interior, power configuration and safety features. The appearance design of Volkswagen ID5 is full of modern and scientific sense, the vehicle lines are smooth, and the body shape is dynamic. The front face adopts the Volkswagen family design language, unique led headlights and cool styling give people a bright feeling, and the characteristic hatchback taildoor design not only adds the personalization of ID5, but also provides a larger storage space for daily use.


The interior design is simple and elegant, and the color matching is just right, giving people a fresh and natural feeling. The interior of the Volkswagen ID5 uses a large touch screen to control various functions in the car, which is a refreshing design. The touch screen is not only large in area, but also simple and intuitive in operation, whether it is adjusting temperature, music, or navigation, it only needs a single click, which greatly improves the convenience of driving. This design keeps up with technology trends and gives the vehicle a more modern feel. Seat comfort is also a highlight of the Volkswagen ID5. The design of the seat fully considers the ergonomic principle, whether it is the degree of softness and hardness of the cushion, or the curvature of the backrest, it is just right to take care of the comfort of the driver and passengers.


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