2023 GAC AION S PLUS Chinese Electric Car
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2023 GAC AION S PLUS Chinese Electric Car

In line with the current trend of appearance, rich interior configuration, high performance and high battery life power performance

  • GAC Aion New Energy

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GAC Aion New Energy

type of energy

pure electric

body structure

4 door 5 seat sedan

battery type

Lithium iron phosphate battery



   The appearance of AION S Plus adopts the design language of vector motion and wind star River. 

  The design elements are derived from the ENO.146 concept car with the lowest wind resistance coefficient in the world. 

   The front face adopts the closed grille to make the overall shape more concise. 

The lower part is replaced with a larger air inlet shape, and the air inlet grille with automatic opening and closing technology is also equipped inside, which can intelligently adjust the Angle of the front air inlet grille according to the demand of heat cooling.




   The interior of the AION S Plus adopts the Star battleship design style, and most of the physical buttons in the car are eliminated, and the overall texture is improved.

    In addition to the regular intelligent interconnection system, the AION S Plus is equipped with the ADiGO2.5 autonomous driving system, including active braking assistance system, lane keeping or following cars, assisted lane changing, automatic congestion assistance driving and other functions.


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