Made in China chery tiggo 8 plus kunpeng e+ plug in hybrid car
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Made in China chery tiggo 8 plus kunpeng e+ plug in hybrid car

The Volkswagen ID.4 is an electric vehicle on Volkswagen's based on MEB platform. Adopt a young and simple design concept
  • tiggo 8 plus

  • Chery

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type of energy


body structure

5-Door 5-Seat SUV



  The 2023 Ruiho 8 Kunpeng version basically continues the design of the models on sale, with a large size intake grille, with through-through chrome decorative strip, to create an elegant wide-body shape. 

  In terms of body color, the new car in addition to retaining pearl white, obsidian black on the basis of special launch of a new deep sea blue car color, the overall color is very advanced.


tiggo、8 (7)


    In terms of interior, the 2023 Ruihu 8 Kunpeng edition brings a more comfortable and intelligent mobile cabin. 

  The new car application 24.6 inch dual-screen design, support natural voice interaction, and high recognition rate, and music, navigation and other practical functions are also very sensitive and curious. 

  All systems are equipped with SONY Deluxe 8 surround sound system, bringing superior luxury and comfort.


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