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Changan Avatar 11 Ev New SUV Vehicle Elektro Car Automotive

Avita 11, the first smart electric vehicle under Avita Technology, is positioned as an emotional smart electric vehicle
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Avita Technology

type of energy

pure electric

body structure

4-door 5-seat SUV

battery type

Ternary lithium battery



   The design of the Avita 11 breaks through the traditional concept of car building, and the details are ingenious. The inlet grille of the locomotive is tough and has a visual impact. The body lines are smooth, sharp edges and corners, so that the whole car looks clear and dynamic. The tail is also distinctive, angular, stylish and powerful. Overall, the Avita 11's exterior design is excellent and impressive.

avartr11 (6)


   The interior design also reflects the manufacturer's control of the details. The interior material is made of high quality leather and solid wood, which makes it feel comfortable and use high quality materials. The central control screen has a clear display and higher comfort. In addition, the ambiance lights in the details also reflect the Avita brand's high pursuit of comfort.


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