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Suv BYDSong Plus Ev Flagship Energy Cars Songplus Electric Cars

The Song PLUS EV is an SUV owned by BYD, which is fully equipped with blade batteries and will be launched on April 7, 2021
  • Song plus

  • BYD

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The vehicle has smooth lines and a sense of power, and the unique intake grille design and unique light group make the front face look particularly eye-catching. The curve of the body extends from the front face to the rear of the car, showing movement and coordination. At the same time, the body size is moderate, both to ensure spacious interior space, but also take into account the flexible handling. The design of the rear is simple and atmospheric, and the through-line taillight has become one of the highlights of this model.


Walking into the interior of the new BYD Song Plus, you can feel its elegant space layout and exquisite workmanship. The seats are extremely comfortable and ergonomically designed to provide good support for the driver. The air quality in the car has also been strictly controlled to create a healthy and fresh driving environment. In terms of space, this model is spacious enough to meet the needs of family travel, and the rear seats also provide adjustable headrests and seat angles to make the ride more comfortable.

Fuel Type

Electric SUV

Driver Form

One Power Front drive




Max Output

180 ps/132 kw


Max Torque

231 N·m

596 N·m

Max Speed

180 km/h


Lithium Iron Phosphate

Battery Capacity

71.7 KWh

NEDC Range

505 km

110 km

Gearbox Model

Single-Stage Gear Reducer





Fast Charge

0.42 h

Slow Charge

7.0 h

Battery Rated Voltage

570 V

Battery Rated Power

135 Ah

Motor Rated Power

60 kW

0~100km Acceleration

7.9 s

3.9 s


235/50 R19

Crub Weight

2020 kg

2170 kg




2765 mm


Front/Rear Track

1630 mm






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