Changan Ben Ben E-Star mini EV 2023
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Changan Ben Ben E-Star mini EV 2023

The Benben E-Star is not only cute on the outside, but also has a tech-savvy interior. It is also cheap enough to have low maintenance costs and good battery life.
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type of energy

pure electric

body structure

5-door, 5-seat sedan

battery type

lithium iron phosphate battery




  Ben Ben E-Star has a stylish design and looks cartoonish. I believe young consumers should like this style. The front of the new car adopts an integrated wave chasing design, equipped with tiger shark pupil type gold diamond big light group.

  From the side, it is flexible and easy to control. The wheel adopts the design of the whirlwind wheel, and the wheel also adopts the punching shape design to look more fashionable.



   The interior design of the new car also has a good sense of fashion. Although the price is not high, the design should be free of procrastination. 

  The interior of the car uses a double color layout, and I prefer the pink color. The central control part is equipped with a 10.25-inch integrated dual-screen, quite stylish, configuration is also very rich.

   It has voice recognition control system, Internet of vehicles system and OTA remote upgrade system. To be honest, this configuration is ahead of competitors in the same class.


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