China BYD Seagull 2023 New Mini Small EV Car 305KM
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China BYD Seagull 2023 New Mini Small EV Car 305KM

The BYD Gull, BYD's new micro electric vehicle, is positioned below the Dolphin
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type of energy

pure electric

body structure

4 door 5 seat sedan

battery type

Lithium iron phosphate battery

2 (1)


   Byd Gull, BYD's new mini electric vehicle, is positioned lower than the dolphin. The front line of BYD Gull is significantly more angular than that of dolphin and seal, and it also continues to use the closed grille shape. 

  In addition, the whole front line adopts trapezoidal design, and the shape of the two sides of the big lamp group is also angular, and tends to be more flat.



   The Seagull's center control has the style of the ocean net family, full of various curves, and its steering wheel is highly consistent with the dolphin. 

  In addition, the central control part of the Seagulls provides a 10.1-inch adaptive rotation screen, the built-in DiLink intelligent network system, can support video playback, voice interaction and other functions, and the bottom button shape is very similar to the dolphin. 

  Signs on the central saddle indicate that the air conditioner appears to be equipped with a wireless charging pad below the air outlet.


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