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New electric car geely zeekr x 2023

Led by renowned designer Steve Siraff, JKR X presents the original innovative luxury beauty of compact luxury car market with the design concept of "city without boundaries" and forward-looking technological innovation technology.
  • Zeekr X

  • zeekr

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type of energy

pure electric

body structure

4-door, 5-seat sedan

battery type

lithium iron phosphate battery




  ZEEKR X adopts dual motor four-wheel drive design, smooth body lines, sharp lights, highlighting the luxury atmosphere. The rear part is decorated with black material to create a strong sense of movement.



  In terms of interior design, the ZEEKR X is also luxurious. 

  The car is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a suspended central control screen, through which the driver can understand the state of the vehicle and driving information. In addition, the car is equipped with highly comfortable leather seats and panoramic sunroof, so that passengers have more spacious and comfortable space.


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