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hot selling pure electric car Toyota bz3

Bz3 is a pure electric medium-sized car, jointly developed by Toyota, BYD and FAW Toyota. It is the second model built by Toyota based on e-TNGA architecture, and is equipped with blade batteries and drive motors provided by BYD's Ferdi Power.
  • BZ 3


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The cool design with the hammerhead shark front face and the through-line LED light belt can bring a strong visual impact, while the hood and bumper are engraved with the right proportion of lines, bringing a rich facade design, making the vehicle look very futuristic, but also helping young people to show their personality. The lamp group provides LED near and far light source, adaptive near and far light, headlamp height adjustable and headlamp delay off and other functions.


The interior uses a flat through the center console design, the overall look is more concise and stylish, especially the cancellation of the physical buttons in the center console area, but a little less "Toyota". Of course, with the change of the multi-functional steering wheel style, bZ3 uses a similar "rectangular" design, the advantages are obvious, will not block the sight of the LCD instrument, but also has a certain racing steering wheel visual sense.


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