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New Energy Electric Vehicle Ev Car Volkswagen VW ID4

The Volkswagen ID.4 is an electric vehicle on Volkswagen's based on MEB platform. Adopt a young and simple design concept
  • ID.4

  • VW

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type of energy

pure electric

body structure

5-Door 5-Seat SUV

battery type

Ternary lithium batter

2 (23)


  ID.4CROZZ continues the design style of the Volkswagen family, and adopts a fully enclosed design on the front face, with only an air inlet in the center of the front. In addition, the matrix LED headlights of ID.4CROZZ are more fashionable, and the visual recognition is very high after opening.  

   When it comes to the side of the body, the side shape of ID.4CROZZ does not change much, but it still adopts the design of hidden door handle and sliding back roof. In addition, the car is also equipped with dynamic low wind resistance wheel hub, one color wheel eyebrows and other designs.  


ID4 crozz2 (52)


  The new car continues the interior design style of the Volkswagen family, with leather covering in the console area and a 12-inch floating central control screen supported by a three-piece steering wheel. 

  In addition, it is equipped with a full sense of science and technology design, and the layout of the central channel area is also micro-adjusted, with mobile phone wireless charging board, and equipped with mobile phone storage, cup holder, storage and so on. 


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