2023 Brand New Byd Tang Ev Electric Car New Energy 4-wheel Drive Suv
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2023 Brand New Byd Tang Ev Electric Car New Energy 4-wheel Drive Suv

As the ancestor of BYD Dynasty series SUV, BYD Tang has created a new era of independent brand car manufacturing. The new generation of Tang DM, as the crystallization of the whole Tang family, has reached an excellent level in design aesthetics and technical performance
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The body size of BYD Tang is 4870mm/1950mm/1725mm, and the wheelbase is 2820mm, which is positioned in the medium and large SUV. Byd Tang adopts a modern and stylish family-style design, the whole body line is smooth, especially the front face design is very sharp, both sides of the LED headlights, the middle of the wide air intake grille and the positive button of the guard board, highlighting a precise, efficient and powerful feeling. On the side of the body, Don uses clean and clean lines, by lengthening the wheelbase and matching the aerodynamic body design, the whole body looks very smooth.


Byd Tang's interior layout is very reasonable, using a luxurious and comfortable design style, the center console is equipped with a 15.6-inch touch screen, the display is relatively clear, and the interaction is very intuitive. At the same time, Tang is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and three areas of independent air conditioning and other elegant and practical configuration, to bring more comfortable and convenient driving experience.


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