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Toyota Bz 4 X Electric Cars SUV New Energy Vehicles EV Car

  Toyota bZ4X is the first all-electric vehicle created from scratch by Japan Toyota Motor Corporation. It is based on the latest e-TNGA pure electric architecture research and development, and is the first model of Toyota pure electric bZ series. 
  Gac Toyota bZ4X shape and interior are basically consistent with FAW Toyota bZ4X, using bZ series exclusive new design language, provide front-drive version and four-wheel drive version optional, CLTC life up to 615km, and the official claim that the battery pack can still maintain 90% of the battery capacity after 10 years. Equipped with X-MODE four-wheel drive system, Grip-Control intelligent multi-condition adaptation system, TSS 3.0, etc.
  • BZ 4


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Size 4690*1860*1650
Body structure

Five-door, five-seat suv

Max speed
motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Battery type 

Ternary lithium battery

Type of energy

Pure electric


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